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Kinder Academy Early Learning Centre is a family owned and operated Long Day Care Preschool that provides quality care for children aged 2 to 6 years. We have campus at Asquith which is conveniently located within walking distance from Asquith Railway Station, St Patrick Catholic Primary School, Asquith Public School, Asquith Boys High School and Asquith Girls High School.

We believe in providing care and education in a safe, secure environment, fostering growth, experimentation, relationships, diversity, and respect. Children need to feel safe to open to educators and feel comfortable exploring their environment.

We believe young children learn through their play experiences and our programs are responsive to this and are tailored to each child’s needs and level of development. Our Educational Program reflects this and the principles and practices of the National Early Years Learning Framework which guides our educational and care programs.

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Toddlers Room Program

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Preschool Room Program

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What is Provided

School Readiness Program includes Literacy, Numeracy, and STEAM- Science, Technology, Environmental Studies, Arts and Mathematics.

Yoga is a part of the daily routine and includes storytelling, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga poses. Yoga teaches children how to focus, strengthen, stretch, balance and have a healthy body image.

Fresh, nutritious and creative meals with six weeks rotating menu supplied by Kids Gourmet Foods.

Enrichment programs that include Music & Movement, Incursions, Multisports and In-Campus Sustainability Program.

Language Program for children is a fun and interactive way for them to learn new languages, enhancing children’s creativity and mental versatility.

Cooking program promotes and encourages positive healthy eating and teaches children an important life skill that will benefit them for years to come.

Highly qualified, dedicated and experienced educators with a passion for making a difference in children’s lives

Regular and reflective sharing of learning to build collaborative relationships with families through “Educa” online platform.

What Our Families Say About Us

The best place for a kid to grow up.. The centre has well trained staff and impart a value based teaching to the kid. Couldnt be more happier. Wishing all the success to Kris and team

Raghav Srini - March 2021 (Google Review)

Hi my son has been at the centre for 1 year and he absolutely loves it there. All of the educators are very lovely, professional and engaged with the children. My son has developed very confidently this past year and I have seen a growth in his learning since being at the centre. I never have any trouble with my son wanting to go to the centre, and sometimes he does not want to leave. The centre managers/owners are very lovely and responsive. We have been very happy with the service at KAELC.

Elise Kamstra - March 2021 (Google Review)

When my son started this daycare he was quite an introvert, but in the past couple of months I can see a tremendous and drastic improvement in his social skills and personality. He looks forward to going there, and he has always been very happy about this daycare. The staff are very dedicated, caring and friendly. Along with this, they give a lot of importance to learning and education of each child so that they are school ready! Seema, who runs the centre, has a thorough knowledge of what children need so that they can have a wonderful experience there. We as parents are extremely happy with the centre. Highly recommend it.

Maitreyi Rahul - April 2020 (Google Review)

I am very happy sending my child to this place. He is always excited to go there and wants to stay longer whenever I go to pick him up. Educators here are very caring and they give a detailed report of what the child does there. I know that i'm leaving my kid in safe hands.

manasa gonuguntla - May 2020 (Google Review)

The center is very good with nice staff and new facilities. Due to some personal reason, I only sent my son there for about half a year. But it is still highly recommended to everyone.

Eric Chan - June 2020 (Google Review)

Friendly staff. Clean and safe environment. Diverse culture. Informative communication by email to parents. My son tells me he likes the activities and the teachers. Some room for improvement in outdoor activity equipment.

Terry Park - March 2020 (Google Review)

Great day care center with kind and friendly educators😊 who give attention to every child👍

Entertainment channel - Aug 2020 (Google Review)

Words are not enough to express the satisfaction we’ve received by the committed staff at Kinder academy. The staff was very polite and professional in their approach abiding to the rules and regulations. Continuous efforts by the team is reflective in the kids as they make their journey through Childcare learning to the Kindergarten at School. We are already experiencing great result with our daughter started school this year. Our Daughter Anika has got her first Merit card in less then a month in School. Special mention and kudos to Dedicated Owners Kris and Seema for their support in this Journey. Highly recommend the young family to invest ur child’s all round development in the capable hands of Kindy Academy.

Vivek rana - June 2020 (Google Review)

My son goes here, clean and safe environment. I am so happy that my son goes here. I strongly recommend

Sunita Luitel - April 2020 (Google Review)

This is a great centre! Everything is just the way it should be. Very friendly environment, caring people and a happy atmosphere. My son has been attending this centre for 3,5 months. He settled very quickly. He is very happy to attend the centre and always wants to stay for longer when I pick him up. I am very glad that now it's like a second home for him. They have lots of interesting activities, great outdoor space, nice food. My son started eating more vegetables after attending the centre for a while. Definitely recommend Kinder Academy Early Learning Centre to everyone!

Olga Solntseva - March 2019 (Google Review)

Very friendly and helpful team. The educators always provide us updates with daily activities. My daughter is very happy with Kinder Academy and she loves all her educators. Thank you, Kinder Academy! Highly recommended.

Junellene Sapinoso - Oct 2019 (Google Review)

I would like to thank Kinder Academy for helping my daughter improve her language skills for the last 4 months she has been attending the centre. If you are looking for a great child care centre, look no further. This place exceeded my expectations with hygiene, deliciously prepared meals, interesting activities, focus on children's well-being and education, truly caring and attentive educators. I am deeply saddened that we have to move and my daughter can't attend there anymore. Kris is highly professional and helpful. Seema is one of the kindest and warmest people I have met. Thank you so much for everything you have done for shireen.

Zainab Aziz - April 2020 (Google Review)

A wonderful center with lovely staff members. Lovely food and fantastic play area. Educators are very loving and caring and gives personal attention to each and every child. My daughter has been going to this centre since she was 2 years old. I drop her in the morning with educators and go to my work with peace that she in safe hands and looked after well. I will highly recommend this centre to any parent. Great learning environment for kids. They are the best.

Rajinita Singh - Feb 2019 (Google Review)

The most amazing childcare, I have only seen. Big, bright and clean space, lots of educational toys. So many different activities every day! Our daughter loves going there. Educational program in KAELC is very strong and develops children extremely well. At the same time the environment feels relaxed and fun, like a big happy family. Educators provides detailed reports everyday with lots of photos and useful comments. We always feel the profound warmth and delight since we joined. Thank you so much, dear KAELC, we could not be happier! We highly recommend this childcare to everyone!!!

mania j - Jan 2020 (Google Review)

Hi everyone, Our son Samarth has been going to kinder academy for almost 6 months and my husband and myself have seen a lot of change in everything he does like the way he communicates, plays, his socializing skills to name a few. He is very happy there and it reflects in his behavior. He is full of energy even after spending full day at the day care. All in all he is happy and we are very happy. A full 5 star for kinder academy. We both could not have asked or found a better place. I will definitely recommend kinder academy to other parents too. Thank you to all of them at kinder academy 😊😊 Soumya Raghav.

soumya rao - July 2020 (Google Review)

Great day care centre with kind and friendly educators, who give attention to every child. Educational process is well structured and conducted in a gaming form with a lot of fun activities and events. Another important thing worth to mention is a very clean premises. Kinder Academy has a spacious outdoor area with many facilities. Our son is very happy attending this centre and every time he's running in full of excitement and stays there without any stress. Every time when I pick up my son, educators give feedback on his social and educational progress and achievements. I'd like to say Thank You to Seema, Kris and other educators for their kindness and love they give to the children

Kira Kaliahina - Nov 2019 (Google Review)

Kinder Academy is the best childcare ever! They exceeded all our expectations and our boy just love being in their care. The management and staff are amazing and very supportive. They have a great curriculum. All the children get individualized attention and environment is very loving and nurturing. My boy just loves to be in the care where before he just don't want to leave me even for a moment and goes and come back with a happy face. KAELC is our second family. And will highly recommend it to's just a piece of mind for your loving kid. Thanks again team for all your help and supportive...and looking after my son sssooooo welll....

ayushi dixit - June 2019 (Google Review)

We would like to thank the Kinder Academy early learning team for their exceptional service and care. Our son has joined this care about two months ago and he is very happy and settled.. Highly recommended..

Shova Sapkota - Jan 2018 (Google Review)

My daughter has joined this care just a month ago and she is very happy and settled. Personal attention is given to every kid and they learn a lot of activity. Centre owner Seema involve herself personally and insure every kid is learning and growing at every stage.

Bharti Arora - March 2018 (Google Review)

I am very impressed with their educational program; my daughter is learning a lot. A lot of love and care provided, i highly recommend the place.

Norma Castillo - Oct 2019 (Google Review)

I would like to thank KAELC for all they have done in making our son feel comfortable and cared for. Recommend!

Tania Tatartsava - Aug 2019 (Google Review)

A wonderful centre with caring staff, fun activities and a focus on involving families. And they care greatly about the community they live in; being involved in events, volunteering and schools too!

Alexi Boyd - Feb 2018 (Google Review)

I've done tours of other centres and found KAELC is very different. It is a small centre compared to some other places but with lot of space for kids, both indoor and outdoor. Staff is extremely nice and approachable anytime if we need to discuss anything and its very much like a family environment! Another thing we noticed is that the teachers give attention to each child's interests and skills and somehow tries to include them in their day to day activities! Which is so nice! It is not easy to find a place we can trust and I am glad and lucky that we found KAELC and that my daughter is very comfortable and happy there..😊

Lushy Nanayakkara - May 2018 (Google Review)

My daughter loves this place. Definitely recommend.

Yury Ershov - June 2019 - (Google Review)

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