Best Preschool in Asquith

The importance of preschool cannot be undermined. It is the first structured setting for a child where he learns how to share and follow instructions. It is an educational centre that prepares him for future schooling. It is the best centre where a child learns how to interact with his peers and prepares him for kindergarten. If you are looking for a reputed preschool opt for our education center in Asquith.

What Makes Asquith Preschool the Preferred One Among Parents?

  • At our private education centre, we organize the time, activities and space so that it is in sync with the physical, emotional, cognitive and social abilities of a child.
  • We encourage social and emotional development in a child through high-quality programs.
  • We offer a well-structured and safe environment for a child where he learns social interaction.
  • We remain open for about 50 hours a week on all weekdays for the convenience of working parents.
  • Our proficient and trained teachers teach the children how to share, take responsibility for one’s actions and work in a group.
  • Our private educational center is near important landmarks like Asquith Railway Station, St. Patrick Catholic Primary School.

Superior-quality programs, good location, and adept educators and caregivers make our preschool one of the best in Asquith. Contact us right away to know about the admission process. We would be happy to help.