Early Learning Centre Mount Colah

An early learning centre plays a key role in preparing a child for learning in a structured setting. Our little learning school Mt. Colah promotes language and cognitive skills in children and teaches them how to take care of themselves. Our little learning school prepares children for kinder and future schooling by developing in them reading skills. A preschooler has a highly imaginative mind and we boost that curiosity and imagination in them through pretend play.
Why choose our early learning School?

  • We provide safe and secure environment for the emotional, cognitive, social and overall development of a child.
  • Our main center is in Asquith and we provide service in the nearby suburbs such as Mount Colah. We teach children proper behaviour and teach them the concept of working in organized spaces and within schedules. This prepares them for kinder.
  • At our school, we develop the cognitive skills in a child through hands-on activities.
  • Our academy is a good place for beginning education during childhood through fun and play activities.
  • We have efficient and learned educators and caregivers who teach children the values of caring, sharing and working in a team.
  • By taking admission in our academy children learn various skills such as language, maths, reading or cognitive during the early years of childhood.
  • We offer our service five days a week from 7:30 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening for the convenience of working parents and single mothers.

For all the myriad benefits of early education, have your child enrolled in our early learning centre Asquith and you will be happy with his overall development and academic progress in future.