Day Care & Child Care Centre In Mt Colah

For the emotional, social and cognitive development of a child between 2 to 6 years of age, a daycare center proves to be beneficial. From the development of language skills to reading and pre-maths skills, a childcare centre offers a lot to the emotional development of a child. At Mt. Colah Day care we offer a whole range of cognitive-boosting fun activities. From intellectual development to peer interaction we look into the overall development of a child at our day care centre at Mount Colah.

Daycare Centre in Mount Colah

  • Our childcare centre at Mount Colah offers a structured environment for teaching discipline and how to manage time to do various activities like eating, playing, sleeping etc. As a result, after a long day in the center, a toddler does not feel cranky.
  • Our centre at Mt. Colah is open from Monday to Friday for long hours, right from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm for the benefit of the single mothers who have to balance between childcare and job.
  • Parents can be satisfied that after a very long day a child picks up various skills such as reading, social interaction, storytelling etc.
  • We have adept caregivers and teachers who foster good qualities like caring, sharing, cooperating etc. in children through fun and play activities.

Without further delay, get in touch with Mount Colah childcare. We would happily answer all your queries and help in the admission process.